Currently listening, 6/30/2017

I’ve talked about my love of and obsession with Hamilton, and how I went to New York to see it on Broadway. In case listening to the original cast recording wasn’t enough, last year, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the show, put together another album – The Hamilton Mixtape.

The Mixtape was all songs from the show (or cut songs from the show), covered by current artists – the perfect combination of musical theater and pop music. Earlier this week, they put out a music video for one of the songs on the Mixtape – Immigrants (We Get The Job Done). You can watch it below – even though the title is a line from a show set during the Revolutionary War, I think the video makes it clear that the issues it covers are still relevant today.

Along with the music video, Lin-Manuel announced a new Prizeo campaign, with the chance to win tickets to see Hamilton in LA on opening night, and to meet Lin-Manuel himself. You win entries by donating, where the money raised goes towards a number of organizations providing services to immigrants. If you use my link to donate, we both get free entries – just click here!

And if you’re as Hamilton-obsessed as I am, search the #Ham4All hashtag on Twitter or Instagram and enjoy going down those rabbit holes. Happy Friday!

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