Morning Skincare Routine

Happy Monday – I hope everyone had a great weekend! I took advantage of the nice weather and went to the Three Rivers Arts Festival – it’s a big annual arts festival in downtown Pittsburgh. I’ll talk more about that and share some pictures later this week.

Today, I want to talk about skincare. I’ve been dealing with super oily skin basically since middle school, when I first started breaking out. Since then, I’ve gone to countless dermatologist appointments and have tried tons of over-the-counter and prescription products. About a year ago, I finally felt like my skin was under control and the best it’s ever looked. It’s still an oil slick, but my oily skin and pore size are genetic – there’s nothing that I can do about them. But I have found things to keep my skin clear and to keep it looking good.

I’m sharing my morning skincare routine in the hopes that it can help someone else who has super oily skin! Everything I use in the morning, product-wise, is by Paula’s Choice – I found them a few years ago, and I really like how their products are backed by science and not focused on pretty packaging.
  • Moisturizer/Sunscreen
    My final morning skincare step before makeup is moisturizer/sunscreen. I went YEARS without ever using moisturizer – like I mentioned before, my skin is incredibly oily, and doesn’t need any extra moisture. I know a lot of people say oily skin needs to be treated with moisturizer, and that may be true for dehydrated skin, but I have genuinely oily skin no matter what I do or how much moisturizer I put on.

    BUT… sunscreen is still important for skin health and preventing future wrinkles, so I wear something light. I wear the Skin Balancing Ultra-Sheer Daily Defense – it’s basically just sunscreen with some added antioxidants, but it sets to a nice, matte finish and works like a primer. It wears really nicely under makeup – no pilling!

And don’t forget – consistency is key. It’s SO important to establish a routine and stick to it!

I would love to hear any recommendations from you about what you use on your skin and what you’ve found to work!

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