Currently listening, 7/14/2017

I’m someone who works best with background noise. There are certainly times when I need silence, but usually, I like listening to something while I’m doing work. I recently discovered podcasts, right around when Serial premiered, and they’ve been the perfect thing for me to listen to at work. I was obsessed with the Gilmore Guys, listened to S-town, and am still making my way through The West Wing Weekly.

A new podcast premiered this week with a really interesting concept. It’s called 36 Questions (which you might recognize from this New York Times article), and it’s a three-part podcast musical. It reminds me of what I imagine the radio shows of the 1940s were like – it’s a musical, with songs and dialogue, but without the typical visual aspect. Only Part I has been released so far, but the songs are really catchy and I’m definitely hooked… casting Jonathan Groff as the male lead certainly didn’t deter me, either!

Take a listen and let me know what you think!

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