Currently reading, 7/6/2017

Since I talked about my work in public health yesterday, I thought that today would be the perfect time to share this article I read in New York MagazineThe Wellness Epidemic. It’s a really interesting look into current trends in health, and how the culture of wellness has come into fashion.

Being healthy and taking care of yourself is so important! And things like sleep can have a huge impact on your health, and obviously, so can eating well. Meditation can help with anxiety. There are lots of things you can do to be healthy that don’t require medication! But often, the wellness culture goes beyond that – they want to find a natural cure to every single problem you had… whether or not you knew you had a problem.

As a public health practitioner, I’m really glad that people are interested in being healthy. But as a researcher, I worry that we’re too interested in following fads to look at the science (or lack of science) behind them.

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