The Fourth at the Frick

This year, my family and I spent The Fourth of July at the Frick Estate. This was a new way for us to spend the holiday – we usually have a cookout at our house for friends and family, but our elevator has been broken for about three weeks now, so we’re not really in a good place to host people!

The Frick family was basically one of Pittsburgh’s Founding Families, so it seemed appropriate to spend Independence Day there. The family moved into their estate in the late 1800s, and the main house has largely remained as it was then – it is beautiful, as are the grounds! We didn’t tour Clayton, the house, this time, but I have previously – it’s amazing to see how people lived in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

You can also visit the Cafe at the Frick, a recent addition to the grounds, for food and drink while you’re visiting. It’s small, but they do have a nice outdoor patio to dine at in the warmer months. Everything is delicious and locally sourced – they also have a made in house creme brulee that is incredible!

Even just walking around the grounds is great – everything is so picturesque!

There is also an art museum on the grounds, as one of the Fricks was an avid art collector. There is a permanent collection, but also an exhibit that changes year-to-year. The current special exhibit, was Irving Penn, a famous photographer. I walked through the exhibit, but sadly, no pictures were allowed! I knew of some of his magazine work – he was a frequent Vogue photographer – but was stunned by his other work, especially his portraits. If you live in Pittsburgh, I highly recommend you check out the exhibit before it leaves in September!

Spending the holiday at the Frick was a perfect change of pace, and a fun and relaxing mid-week break! How did you spend your Fourth?

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