Currently Watching, 8/11/2017

Happy Friday! This was my first full week with no summer class, so I’m trying to enjoy my extra time for the next few weeks until my fall classes start as much as I can. I’ve been reading more, but I’ve also been watching TV (as usual), and I want to highlight the show Difficult People this week – Season 3 just premiered earlier this week.

Difficult People is a comedy on Hulu that focuses on the lives of two New Yorkers. I think the show is hilarious – it’s definitely a darker kind of humor, though – and I really think they’ve done an amazing job putting together a diverse cast. They have gender diversity, sexuality diversity, racial diversity, and even disabled diversity!

Shannon DeVido plays a character who is in a wheelchair, because the actress is in a wheelchair in real life. The fact that she is in a wheelchair isn’t ignored, but it’s also not the central to her character’s role in the show. DeVido’s character is also not the stereotypical nice, sweet girl in a wheelchair, which I think is so refreshing and honest. It’s really exciting to see a character in a wheelchair who is treated as more than their wheelchair. I’ve read articles talking about the first time people “see” themselves on TV – meaning the first time they see a character who looks like them – and DeVido’s character in Difficult People was the first time I “saw myself.”

All in all, the show is amazing, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of Season 3!

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