Weekend on Mount Washington

This weekend, one of my cousins got married. This was actually the third wedding I’ve been to this summer, with two more still to go before the end of August. Her wedding ceremony was at a church right on Mt. Washington, and the reception was a few hours later, downtown, so the gap between the two gave me a chance to play tourist in my own city!

Mt. Washington is known for it’s stunning views of the city, so it was the perfect backdrop for pictures of the bridal party – and I made sure to take a few pictures of my own.

Mt. Washington is also home to two inclines – basically, two cable cars that take you up and down the hillside. Years ago, people took them regularly as a means of transportation, but now they’re really just something fun for tourists or school field trips. I hadn’t ridden one since elementary school, so it was fun to take a ride down the hill and see the city from a very different point of view!

The incline dropped me off at Station Square, so I had time to grab a coffee at Crazy Mocha and walk across the Smithfield Street Bridge before heading to the reception.

The dress I wore is sold out, but you can find a very similar one, from the same company, here. I loved the fun yellow color and eyelet embroidery!

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