Why Everyone Should Use Ebates

I do a lot of my shopping online. Part of this is because I’m naturally impatient, and trying to go through stores and find the style and color and size that I’m looking for takes more effort and time than I can handle. But a big part of my love of shopping online is that being in a wheelchair makes shopping in the store really hard. Trying something on in the store is such a hassle for me, so I usually end up buying and then trying on at home anyway. They also offer a much smaller selection of sizes in store, and I usually can’t find the size I need. I know most people would roll their eyes hearing me say this, but it can actually be really hard for me to find clothes that are small enough to fit me, but don’t look like kids clothes.

This is where Ebates comes in. I only started using Ebates a few years ago, and I’m honestly mad at myself for not starting sooner. I think that I was worried at first that it was some kind of scam or pyramid scheme – that there had to be some catch. But there’s not. Ebates gives you a percentage of your spending back on purchases you were already going to make! It’s so easy – you just go to Ebates, find whatever store you were looking for, and click through. You do have to get into the habit of going to Ebates first, before you go to a store’s website, but that’s it. Ebates will then send you a check four times a year, with however much cash back you’ve earned – your “big fat check.”

Just like with every other sale, you need to be careful not to be too enticed by the promos for limited time only increased cash back, even though 10% can be really tempting! But if you just use Ebates as a throughway to the shopping you were already going to do, there’s really no reason at all not to use it.

I’d love it if you used my link to sign up for Ebates, here – that would give me a small referral reward – but honestly, I think Ebates is so great that even if you don’t want to use my code, you should still sign up on your own. It’s worth it!

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