Currently Watching, 10/13/17

The temperatures have dropped a bit in Pittsburgh, and it actually feels like fall now. I’m not a big fan of summer ending, but I do love that fall means that all my favorite TV shows are coming back. I realize that I’ve been sharing a lot of TV on my Friday posts… but I really do love TV, and I love telling all of you about shows that I think are great. This week, two amazing shows came back that I want to share.

The first is Riverdale. I used to love the CW (I watched way back when it was still the WB!) – I watched Smallville, I loved Gossip Girl, and I still am obsessed with Gilmore Girls. There was a while, though, where there wasn’t anything on the CW that I was into. I had heard about Riverdale earlier, this year, but the previews didn’t sell me, and the premise – that it was based on Archie comics characters – definitely didn’t convince me, either. I say all of this so that you know I wasn’t on board from the first day I heard about it, in case you feel the same way.

But over the summer, I was looking for something new to watch on Netflix, and Riverdale was suggested. Since it was only on it’s first season, it didn’t seem like too big of an investment, and I gave it a try. I watched one episode and was hooked! It’s such a fun, high school drama, evening soap opera show, and actually reminds me of Gossip Girl a little bit. Plus, it has bonus Luke Perry, aka Dylan McKay from the original Beverly Hills, 90210 – never a bad thing. Check out one of the season 2 trailers below:

The other show I’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of is also on the CW – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The name is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, just like the rest of the show. It’s a musical show, but not like Glee was – the songs are all part of the narrative of the show, not just side performances. The show is hilarious, and witty, and sarcastic, and smart.

The best part is the songs – they’re not the standard songs you’d expect about love and heartbreak. They have song titles like “Friendtopia,” “I’m So Good at Yoga,” and the classic “The Sexy Getting Ready Song.” The lyrics are so clever, and all of the performers are fantastic. Listen to “The Sexy Getting Ready Song” below, and then start with Season 1 and watch the show from the beginning; I think it’s one of the best shows currently on the air!

What shows are you most excited about?

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