Currently Watching, 10/6/2017

I guess the more accurate title for this post would be “Just Watched,” because I flew through this most recent series on Netflix in one day. The show is called Big Mouth, and it’s animated – but think animated like Family Guy, not animated like Moana. It’s a hilarious show about what it’s like to go through puberty, with some of the plots being loosely based on things that actually happened to Nick Kroll when he was younger.

The show definitely used crude humor, but it doesn’t tackle puberty in a crude way at all – it’s actually written sympathetically, and really drives home how universally embarrassing puberty can be. It’s a much kinder show than you’d imagine it to be! I also want to note that they had a character in a wheelchair – not a plot point at all, but it’s something I absolutely always notice and appreciate. There still aren’t may characters in wheelchairs on TV, so I’m always excited to see one in a show I love.

The cast is amazing – I love Nick Kroll and John Mulaney (as evidenced here) – and they have so many other great actors in the show, like Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele, and (my personal favorite) Jason Mantzoukas.

Nick Kroll and Stephen Colbert have been doing something on social media called #PuberMe – celebrities have been sharing pictures of themselves during puberty, and they’re donating towards Puerto Rico relief for each picture posted. I’m certainly not a celebrity, but I thought it’d be fun to share my own throwback picture!

The night before this school picture was taken, my mom cut my hair at home – she was not a hairdresser, and had a lot of difficulty cutting my hair in a straight line. The crimping I did only made the uneven haircut more obvious, so as I was waiting in line for my school picture to be taken, she had scissors with her and kept snipping at pieces of my hair, trying to fix the cut! Definitely a memorable haircut. But it was school picture day – I was willing to do whatever it took!

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