My Favorite Pajamas

I have a busy weekend coming up with a trip to DC, and I just took a midterm exam in one of my classes, so I tried to take it easy this weekend. For me, taking it easy over the weekend means a lot of time spent in my pajamas. I’m one of those people who comes home from work and immediately changes into my PJs – it just makes me feel so much more relaxed!

One: Here
Two: Here
Three: Here (my personal favorites!)
Four: Here
Five: Here

I’ve clearly spent a lot of my time in pajamas, and I’ve definitely found some favorites. My absolute favorites are from Target. They’re reasonably priced, and so, so soft and comfortable! Target’s Gilligan & O’Malley brand makes lots of different pajama sets – I usually go with the tank top and shorts sets, but they also make button up shirt sets, tank top nightgowns, and long-sleeved nightgowns – so many different options!

All of these pajamas are under $30, and feel like they cost a lot more than that. They look a little more put together than sleeping in an old t-shirt, and make me feel like a real adult for having actual pajama sets! Now that I started wearing them, I haven’t gone back, and think they’d make a great addition to anyone’s sleeping wardrobe.

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