My Favorite Eyeshadows

I’ve talked about my makeup routine here before – it’s nothing exciting, but I’m not super adventurous with my makeup so I don’t stray from my routine often! Sometimes, though, my basic routine just doesn’t cut it, and I want a little extra, so I add some eye shadow.

I’m not great at doing a fancy, smoky eye, so I need something that goes on easily, but can stay put on my oily eyelids and still look nice a few hours later. I’ve found that the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick fits all of my requirements! It couldn’t be easier to apply – you can just put it on directly from the stick – and once it sets, it stays put for hours without smudging. There is a great mix of basic matte colors and fun shimmer shades, and they also make a great base if you want to add any other eye shadow on top.

When I’m feeling really fancy or festive, I’ll go all out and add some of the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow liquid shadows. These pack a real punch, so you may want to apply it sparingly. I’ve found that spreading it across my eye gives a bit more of a subtle look, whereas if I press/dab it on my eye, it’s definitely a lot more of a sparkly, disco ball type look. Sephora is selling a few great sets with smaller versions of the shadows – I picked up “Written In The Stars” and love the colors. Since a little goes a long way, the mini versions are the perfect way to try out different colors!

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