Wrapped in Warmth

I talked yesterday about how winter can be hard for me, and how part of that is having to deal with taking my jacket on and off all the time. It’s hard to have someone else try to help you with your jacket, especially when you’re out with friends, or already bundled up with multiple layers of clothing.

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This is why I was really happy when wraps and capes started coming back into fashion. This is a style I’m going to wear long after the trend dies, just because of how much easier it is for me! Even though I’m still not able to put it on myself, it’s so much easier for someone else to put a cape on me than something with sleeves. I can also keep it on as part of my outfit, and it reaches over my hands to keep them warm while I’m driving my chair – it’s win-win for me!

I found some of my favorite capes in the picture above – I tend to go for plaid, and neutral colors that match with lots of outfits. You can find them at the links above, or click the pictures below in the widget!

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