Report in Review

I’ve decided to re-name my Friday posts “Report in Review,” but it’s still the same content – I’m going to share something I came across this past week that I want to highlight, whether it’s something I’m watching, reading, listening to… you get the picture!

The holidays are in full force right now – we’re in the middle of Hanukkah, and so close to Christmas. I’m sure you’ve all seen a million different gift guides (here, on other blogs, on other websites) – they’re really everywhere! But I want to share a different type of gift guide today.

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I mentioned the last fundraiser Lin-Manuel Miranda did for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Now, his organization is partnering with Toys”R”Us to help spread holiday cheer for kids in Puerto Rico. He knows that many families may not have the time – or resources – to buy gifts for their children for Three Kings Day (which is the “big” holiday in Puerto Rico), but doesn’t want those kids to miss out.

It’s so easy to help out! Go to the website HERE, and pick whether you want to purchase a $5, $10, or $20 gift, and how many. The checkout process takes less than five minutes! It’s so incredibly easy, and is a great way to spread some cheer and take a step back from the craziness that can come with the holidays.

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