Why I’ll Never Be A “Typical” Blogger

I think a lot of people don’t fully realize what goes on behind-the-scenes in blogging. For every picture you see here, or on my Instagram, there are at least 10 more versions of the picture that didn’t make it on the blog. And a lot of bloggers set up real photoshoots – they scout for locations, use photographers, and plan multiple outfit changes to get as much photography content as they can.

I have absolutely no problem with this – I love looking at bloggers pictures as much as anyone else! But that’s not something that you should expect to see here too often. Photoshoots are more of an ordeal for me than for most bloggers! Location scouting isn’t the easiest when you have to make sure it’s accessible, and have to make sure that you can get a ride! And there is definitely no such thing as a quick outfit change for me! That would mean there was someone there to help me change (usually my mom), plus a bathroom big enough to fit my wheelchair, plus a lot longer than five minutes.

There’s also the issue of the outfits themselves. I’ve mentioned this before, but finding clothes that fit me well is hard. I fit in kids clothes, but they don’t usually quite fit my style… and women’s clothes are usually too big. That means that when I find something that fits, I wear it a lot, and I buy it in multiple colors if I can. This works out just fine in my life, but would make incredibly boring blog material!

I hope that none of this comes off as a complaint, but just as an explanation. I love that blogging lets everyone have a voice, and lets voices be heard that might not otherwise have much of a platform. With that being said – there are definitely some blogs that are bigger/more popular than others, and therefore, some bloggers that are able to have bigger voices because of that. Even though my posts might not always be the most professional or polished, I hope that they’re still adding something useful to the online conversation!

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