Favorite Restaurants in Pittsburgh

I found out yesterday that Six Penn, one of my favorite Pittsburgh restaurants, is closing in a few weeks. I actually just had dinner there for Restaurant Week, and have spent many summer evenings on their rooftop! I’m so sad it’s closing, and will have to find a new go-to downtown restaurant. If you live in Pittsburgh, I highly recommend you go for a meal before it closes – whether it’s your first time there, the last of many, or something in between.

Since Pittsburgh restaurants are on the forefront of my mind, I thought I’d share my other favorite restaurants with you! I love going out to eat and trying new places.

The Porch
The Porch is my go-to Oakland restaurant – both for happy hour and for a meal. It’s actually owned by the Eat’n’Park Hospitality Group (who also owns Six Penn…) but is nothing like Eat’n’Park. The menu is small, changes seasonally, and there’s always something interesting to try. Plus, they’re located right in Schenley Plaza, and have amazing outdoor “porch” seating, hence the name.

Meat & Potatoes
Meat & Potatoes opened downtown a few years ago, and has been one of my favorites ever since. Their opening did a lot to revitalize the “Cultural District” downtown, and now there are so many good restaurants to choose from! They do contemporary American cuisine, and also have a great outdoor patio in the summer! They book up early, though, so you should plan on making a reservation for sure.

This restaurant was named one of Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurants (nationwide) so you know it’s good. The menu is Spanish, and it’s tapas-style, with a focus on different cured meats that they make in house. The restaurant is very small, so plan ahead or expect to wait, but it’s worth it. They’re actually currently closed because of flooding damage, but I’m hoping they’ll be back up and running soon.

Senti is in Lawrenceville, not too far from Morcilla, but has a very different vibe. It’s a chic, upscale Italian restaurant, with a very cool automated wine dispenser! I mentioned going to Senti in this post – everything was so incredibly delicious, and I can’t wait to go back this summer to check it out when the patio is open. (Can you tell I love eating outside?)

Silk Road
This one is in the South Hills, definitely not in one of the trendier areas, but has some of the best sushi I have ever tasted in Pittsburgh! They also have a full Chinese menu, but not just the typical General Tso’s and Sesame Chicken – they make a Steamed Ginger Flounder that I love, and they also make a Shrimp-Stuffed Eggplant.

I’m ending on Altius because it is a definite splurge, special occasion restaurant for me. It’s located on Mount Washington, and the food and the view are both equally incredible. The service is fantastic, the menu is delicious – it’s an incredible meal and experience all around. The only bummer about this restaurant, for me, is that there is only a very small area of seating that is wheelchair accessible, and it’s not by the windows!

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