January Report Roundup

I won’t lie, I’m pretty excited for January to end. While in some ways, I can’t believe that we’re already a month into the new year, I also feel like the month has dragged on. It’s been cold and snowy, it’s already dark when I leave work, the motivation I had from the start of the new year is wearing off… January is just a rough month, I think!

This month has been kind of slow for me – the snow and the cold has kept me inside more than usual, and every time I can finally see the grass again, we get more snow! But I thought I’d end the month with a roundup of some things over the last month that haven’t gotten their own post yet, or aren’t really exciting enough for a post of their own.

New Favorite Things…

I have been really into technology lately! I already talked about my new Hue lights in this post, but I also recently added an Amazon Alexa (the Spot) to my collection, and I’ve been wearing the Apple Watch for a little over a month now, since it was a Christmas gift. These will both probably get their own posts once I’ve used them a little more, but I couldn’t let January end without mentioning how much I’m loving all of them!

On a very different note, I also started using a new mascara – the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is the first time in over five years that I’ve switched mascaras! It was actually recommended to my sister by a Sephora employee, and I had been hunting for something new, so I gave it a try. I really love it – it gives me so much more volume in my lashes, and it doesn’t rub off onto the top of my eyelids by the end of the day.

Soundtrack of the month…

I’m known for listening to a song or album on repeat for months at a time – I don’t get bored of things that I’m enjoying! I listened to Lorde’s latest album, Melodrama, on repeat like this when it came out, and I re-discovered it this month. A few months after the album was released, she did some videos with Vevo where she performs the songs from the album in really unique ways – some accompanied by piano, some a cappella, some with amazing backup vocals – that are really worth a listen. My favorite is The Louvre, and I cannot get the chorus out of my head.

What was your favorite part of January? Do you struggle with the month like I do? Let me know!

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