Friday Favorites

Each Friday, I share what I enjoyed reading, watching, and listening to in the past week.


The New York Times has been doing some really interesting, in-depth interactive pieces lately. So many people are reading and talking about this article about social media bots – it’s really worth a read. Totally avoiding having “bots” as followers isn’t really possible, but reading about the pressure that so many people feel to buy followers to gain Internet popularity is really astounding to me! The fall-out from the article has also been interesting to watch – it has really spurred action. 

I love the Olympics, and I’m so excited to watch this years games. Not surprisngly, figure skating is one of my favorite things to watch – it has the right mix of altheticism with gracefulness that makes it so enjoyable to me. This article about skater Jason Brown (who, sadly, did not make this year’s team) really describes perfectly why I think he’s such a fantastic skater.


The article about Jason Brown is so great that I had to include a video of him skating! Watch him skate to “The Room Where It Happens” from Hamilton.


This week’s videos are both musical-themed – I saw and loved this mash-up of two songs from The Greatest Showman and Dear Evan Hansen. Both shows were written by the same songwriting duo, Pasek and Paul, and I love how the brother and sister in this video meshed them so well.

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