Super Bowl Sunday, SMA Edition

I will not lie – I am not really a huge football fan, which is basically a sin/illegal if you live in Pittsburgh. I am always excited about the musical performances during the Super Bowl, but the rest of it doesn’t really interest me. This year, though, I was excited for something else – a documentary that was premiering on ESPN on Super Bowl Sunday morning.

I talked here about the upside of social media for me – how it’s connected me to other people with SMA that I would never have virtually “met” otherwise. One of the people who I recently met on Instagram was Alyssa Silva, another woman with SMA. Unlike me, Alyssa is a huge football fan; specifically, she is a huge Patriots fan. If you live in Pittsburgh, that’s even worse than not caring about football at all. But I guess I have to root for the Patriots, because they did something really cool – they’ve worked with Alyssa to help her raise funds and awareness for SMA.

The number of people who have SMA is really small – the number of women around my age who have SMA is even smaller. It’s really so incredibly exciting to see a documentary that helps more people learn about SMA, and learn about people with SMA, too.

You can check out a clip from the documentary below! I highly recommend you watch the whole thing, too.

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