Friday Favorites

Each Friday, I share my favorite things from the Internet in the past week.

Happy March! I’m really excited that February is over – we’re getting closer to spring and sunshine, and I’m really ready for it. 

I talked about the importance of representation in fashion this week (my post is here), and I was really excited to read this piece from Fashionista talking about fashion and inclusivity! It’s exciting to know other people are thinking and talking about it, too.

This next article is not the first (nor will it be the last) that I share about the opioid epidemic – but it’s such an important issue, and this article shares the experience of one person who was addicted and is now sober. It’s easy to forget that there are real, human faces with stories to tell behind the epidemic, so I always want to share anything that humanizes such a complicated issue.

My use of a paper planner is justified in The New York Times! I talked about my own planner here – there’s just something about writing things out and seeing them laid out on a page that an electronic calendar can’t replicate.

Have you guys heard of Vero, the new social network? This article explains it a little bit. I’m not sure I really want to add another social media app to my life, but I thought I’d at least try it out – it’s picture sharing, like Instagram, but without the much-discussed (and often hated) algorithm, meaning everything is chronological. If you’re on there, find me – my username is just “Heather” (I think… I’m still learning).

For something fun – I loved this cute article about friendships and how we define them. I really value my friendships, so I’m always happy to see when other people do, too!

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