Liz’s Nutrition Notes: National Nutrition Month

Each week, Liz posts about a different topic related to nutrition and health. This week, she’s talking about National Nutrition Month.

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Every March is National Nutrition Month (NNM), so happy NNM to all the dietitians and nutritionists out there – and you too! This year’s theme is “Go Further with Food”. The purpose of National Nutrition Month is to emphasize the importance of eating well and making time for physical activity as well as promoting ideas to help consumers make wise, educated decisions.
Click here to see what the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics considers the key factors this year to help when making healthy decisions. They have some really cool and helpful things on their site – they have a handy sheet on nutrition labels here, just like I talked about in one of my posts (here)!
Another handout is about eating right for a healthy weight (here), which I talked about in last week’s post. And if you only check out one thing, make it “18 Health Tips for 2018.”
Let Liz know if there’s anything you want to learn more about during National Nutrition Month! Comment here, or e-mail me at

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