What Is Hygge?

I’ve been heaving about “hygge” for a while now, but I really never looked into what exactly it is. If you haven’t heard of hygge, it’s a trendy new concept here in the US, but an old one in Denmark, where it originated. There isn’t an exact translation, but it’s basically about being cozy and comfortable and taking the time to enjoy the little things in your life.

I wish I had looked into this sooner, because hygge is a concept I can totally get behind. I am all about being cozy! I love coming home, changing into my pajamas immediately, putting on a warm, fuzzy pair of socks, and relaxing with TV or a book. I have definitely spent weekends (especially in the winter!) without even leaving my house – just enjoying my own company, staying warm, and losing myself in a book or movie.

It snowed again yesterday, which I’m not super excited about, but I think it gives everyone here in Pittsburgh the perfect opportunity to practice a little hygge. I’m sharing my hygge essentials below – what are yours?

A fuzzy, furry blanket
There is nothing like snuggling under something warm to make you feel cozy and content! I love blankets that have faux-fur on one side because of how soft they are, but any warm blanket will work!

A nice-smelling candle
I’ve been growing my candle collection in the last year, but I have yet to find one that smells as good as the Rose scented candle from Rewined. Burning a nicely-scented candle goes a long way to set the hygge mood.

Comfy Pajamas
Obviously, comfortable pajamas are a must. This set is so soft, and the wrap cardigan-esque top makes it feel extra cozy to me.

A good book
Last but certainly not least, no hygge mood would be complete without a good book to read! I loved Little Fires Everywhere, and just found out that Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington are turning it into a TV show for Hulu. I can’t wait!

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  1. Amanda

    I'm all about this — I love my cozy blankets, slippers or warm socks, candles, books, and hot tea. I've been doing this for years without ever knowing it had a special name.

  2. Heather

    Right?! Same here! It feels fancier now with the special name!

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