Friday Favorites

This week has seemed soooo long to me! I am finally officially done with the semester, though, and I’m also hoping that this week saw the last of the snow. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it if it happens again!

This first article is so Pittsburgh, I knew I had to share. I don’t think I speak that much “Pittsburghese” – I don’t say redd up, or warsh… but it’s still fun to think about Alexa learning this specific accent!

I’m not an American Idol watcher, but I ran across this on YouTube and had to listen. Lea Michele’s voice is amazing, and I’m always up for a Wicked duet.

I love this article about being able to figure out how close friends were through their brain waves! Science is so cool.

This interview with the founder of the skincare company Drunk Elephant is a great read. I’ve always wanted to try their products (they’re a little bit out of my price range!), and I really like the philosophy behind natural/synthetic that the founder talks about. Natural doesn’t always mean good for your skin, and chemical doesn’t always mean bad!

I have the hardest time finding clothes that fit me, are easy to get on, and are cute! A fascinating quote in this Forbes article estimates that the “healthware apparel” market is worth $40 billion globally – that market includes adaptive clothing. I agree that it’s an almost untapped market right now… if I had any sort of artistic ability, this would definitely nudge me to start sketching. Any entrepreneurs interested in partnering up?

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