Friday Favorites

I feel like every Friday, I talk about how busy I’ve been this past week, and you’d think that it would have to slow down at some point.. but I’ve had so many work and personal deadlines this week that if anything, things seem to be picking up! I am happy, though, that we’ve had some beautiful weather this week. It makes me feel happier even with my long to-do list!

Regardless, I did have the chance to pull together a few things that I found this week.

The first is this beautiful song from the concert held to benefit the Parkland shooting victims. A lot of Broadway stars performed, and this song from Dear Evan Hansen, sung with members of the school’s choir, is just incredible.

For something a little more lighthearted – Buzzfeed covered how a polite social media exchange led to this site changing the headline on their article. I realize that the article in question is a little bit of what is called “inspiration porn,” where an article is written about someone with a disability doing something that wouldn’t be newsworthy if it was done by anyone else. But I like the general message that a kind exchange of ideas can change minds!

My last article this week has a public health focus – this piece in The New York Times about a California judge ruling about a cancer warning on coffee, explains why we should be careful with what we label as carcinogenic and potentially dangerous. The article is a great read, but the upshot of it is – being careful is good, but being overly cautious, and putting a warning label on every substance that maybe, could possibly be dangerous is actually harmful. If we start going label-crazy, people are going to start ignoring them, and then they’ll miss warnings for things that have been definitively proven to be dangerous!

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