Shopping the Sephora VIB Sale

It’s that time of year again – the Sephora VIB sale! Since Sephora doesn’t have many sales throughout the year, their two big sales are a big deal, and the perfect time to stock up on old favorites, or take advantage of the discount to pick out some new treats you’ve had your eye on. The sale starts Friday, April 20 this year, and VIB and Beauty Insider members get 15% off.

I pulled together a mix of old and new favorites from Sephora – some everyday staples, and some special occasion items.

Top row, left to right:

 I never thought I could be a highlighter person – I thought that my skin was so oily that any extra shimmer/shine would be too much. But this Becca highlighter (in Champagne Pop) is really subtle, and adds just a little bit of glow. I apply it VERY lightly, and just dust it on the top of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose. This is definitely not an every day item for me, but it makes me feel fancy when I do wear it!

I’ve mentioned these Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks before (here), but they deserve another mention because they remain my go-to choice for a staple eyeshadows. There’s a great mix of matte and shimmer shades (my favorite is “Goldstone”), they’re super easy to apply, and they LAST, even without an eyeshadow primer! “Golden Pink” is also a nice, everyday shade with a bit of shimmer without being too dramatic.

In case you missed my post about the Becca Ever-Matte primer (here), I’m mentioning it again, because it’s that good. If you’ve ever struggled with oily skin, you absolutely have to try this! It is the only thing that has ever controlled my oil without making my makeup get clumpy. It takes some trial and error to get the application down, but it’s totally worth it.

Bottom row, left to right:

I’ve shared the Glitter and Glow shadows, but this is Shimmer and Glow – same concept, but more of a metallic look than the all-out disco ball of the glitter version. I do need a primer with this one, but it’s also really easy to apply, and really pigmented. I have “La Douce,” which is the coolest green/gold shade. It’s a more dramatic look, but really fun when you’re looking for more of a statement look.

I’ve never been a huge lipstick person – I own a lot, but I very rarely actually wear them! But I recently discovered Clinique’s Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm, and it’s the perfect combination of lip balm and lipstick. You don’t need a mirror to apply, it feels super moisturizing, and it gives your lips just a little pop of color. This tin is such a cute little gift, and a great deal!

Is there anything that you’re planning to pick up during the sale? Let me know in the comments!

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