2018 Pittsburgh Half-Marathon

Happy post-marathon Monday! Yesterday, I got up bright and early (actually, dark and early because the sun had not yet risen) to cheer on my mom and friends running in the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon. It was Pittsburgh’s 10th year in this series of marathons/half-marathons, and the first half-marathon ever for two of my friends, so it was a special year!

For the past few years, we’ve had a team running for Cure SMA, and I’m so honored and appreciative that my friends and family want to run to fundraise for SMA support and research! Race day weather ended up being perfect for runners (a little chilly for us spectators, but we managed) and Team Cure SMA had a great half-marathon run.

Marathon days are rough for my family as spectators because my mom running means that it’s on my dad to help me and my sister get ready. That’s not to say that my dad never helps out on a normal morning (see, Dad?! You’re getting your credit!), but it’s different when it’s only him – we’re not quite the well-oiled machine that we usually are. We have to get up reallyyyy early to make it downtown in time to see everyone near the finish line! But it’s totally worth it, and we all make up for it for it later with some afternoon naps.

And, last but very definitely not least – thanks to all who shared and donated to Cure SMA through my mom’s run! We appreciate it more than you could know.

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