Classic in Leather

As much fun as I had at the concert I went to over the weekend, I was nervous all day that it was going to end up being a complete downpour during the whole show. Luckily, the rain held off until right after the show ended, but it was cloudy and overcast all day, and a little bit chilly.

I was trying ti figure out what to wear – something that would be okay for work during the day and for the concert in the evening, because I didn’t have time to come home in between and I didn’t want to have to bring a complete outfit change. Layering is the smart way to go, but also kind of a pain for me. I’d much rather do a wrap, because it’s easier for me to move around in, but it’s not quite as warm as something with sleeves.

Jackets don’t usually fit me very well – things don’t zip or button correctly when you’re sitting, so it’s hard to find something that’s the right fit. But after the concert on Friday, I realized that I “needed” a (faux) leather jacket with a drape front. Drape front means that I don’t have to worry about the buttoning or zippering issue, and it’s also easier for me to get it off/on (with help). It’s a fun twist on the classic leather jacket, and still timeless.

So I spent the weekend browsing online, and pulled together my favorites below. I can’t decide which to choose – let me know which you’d pick!

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