Friday Favorites

Does anyone have any fun plans for Memorial Day weekend? I don’t have anything major planned, but I’m really looking forward to having an extra day off and some time to relax.

Did anyone watch the Royal Wedding last weekend? One of my friends planned a really fun watch party, complete with a replica lemon elderflower cake! I thought everything was beautiful, and I loved how they brought a mix of both of their personalities to everything. If you didn’t watch, you can check out Go Fug Yourself’s amazing coverage – they have everything in one place!

You may have read (or heard about) the interview of the cast of Arrested Development in The New York Times. I love Arrested Development, but the interview was a really tough read. Jason Bateman has since apologized for his actions, but it’s still worth reading to see how entrenched some things can be, culturally. Defending Jeffrey Tambor while Jessica Walter cries because of him should never have happened.

This advice from Refinery 29 about how to make a good impression at work when you’re shy is really important! I can definitely be shy – I’m opinionated, but keep my opinions to myself if I don’t know someone very well! But at work, it’s important to talk to people and connect, so these are some great tips to make it easier.

This last article is my favorite – it talks about how “smart” technology can make living with a disability easier. I wrote about my Hue lights here and my Alexa here – I totally agree that these things make it easier for me! But I also share his wish that more technology was developed with people with disabilities in mind – the lack of representation means that some of the potential these products have are dampened by the way they are built and used.

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