Mad About Maxis

I’m someone who has very strong opinions on almost anything. This is no surprise to anyone who knows me in real life, but might not be so obvious to people who aren’t quite as close to me.

When I say almost anything, I mean it. So when maxi dresses started to come back into style, I quickly decided I hated maxis and refused to wear one. And not am I opinionated, I’m also known to be a bit stubborn (I prefer decisive, but…). So my maxi hatred lasted a good two years. I don’t exactly remembered what the tipping point was where I decided it would be ok to give one a try, but I was sold from that moment on.

I love that maxi dresses make you look like you put in more effort than you really did, and I really love how comfortable they are. I basically feel like they’re a version of pajamas that are acceptable to wear out in the world! I’ve gone so far to the maxi dress side that I now might own more maxis than non-maxis. I have a particular favorite from ASOS (now sold out) that I love so much I own in four different colors! Clearly, my decisive streak works both ways – when I decide I love something, I am all in.

My favorite maxi might be sold out, but there are so many other cute ones – I pulled together some of my favorites below!

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  1. Danielle

    In theory I like maxis but as a tall person I'm not a fan. What height are they actually meant for??? I ended up cutting up a maxi dress becuase it was just an awkward lenth on me.

    "I basically feel like they're a version of pajamas that are acceptable to wear out in the world!"
    lol, yes!!!

  2. The Heather Report

    I have the opposite problem – they're always too long for me!! I get lucky because the extra length just sits on my footrests and you can't tell how extra long it really is.

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