Ms. Wheelchair PA USA Wednesday

I thought it would be fun to post occasional updates about the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant, and my involvement with it, between now and when I compete in Nationals in July! It’s been a whirlwind of an experience so far, and I want to be sure I share it. Today I’m going to give a little bit of background on why I got involved and what I’m looking forward to.

I’ve talked before about wanting to get more involved in advocacy around accessibility, and when one of my friends found out about Ms. Wheelchair USA and shared it with me, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I’m excited for all the different parts of Nationals – meeting the other women, getting to explore Ohio, doing community service projects throughout the week, wearing a pretty dress – but there is one part that stands out the most to me. One of the most exciting parts is that each woman has to choose a platform that they’re interested in, that they will then worth to further throughout their “reign.”

While the platform does not have to be wheelchair-related, it will not be a big surprise to anyone who reads my blog that mine is! I’m really looking forward to use my title as Ms. Wheelchair PA USA to improve and increase the inclusion of people with disabilities into their communities. I can’t wait to start partnering with more organizations around the city to help further this goal.

If you’re interested in helping me raise money for Nationals – which I would really appreciate! – you can donate here – you just click on “Sponsor HEATHER TOMKO – Pennsylvania.” Thank you so so much to those who have donated already!!

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  1. Danielle

    Just donated! Break a leg, beautiful! Is that appropriate? Performance art it's always "break a leg" because "good luck" is bad luck, right? I feel like I just jinxed us both.

  2. The Heather Report

    Thank you SO much for donating!! I think break a leg definitely fits in this situation 🙂

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