My Happy Place

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is read for a bit after work. Since I don’t live close enough to work to walk home, I’m not usually super excited to get into the car after being inside at work all day. So sitting outside, getting some sunshine, and reading for a little while is the perfect way for me to relax and unwind.

This means that most days, you can find me in Schenley Plaza. The area actually used to be a parking lot (years ago), but they tore it up and turned it into an amazing “green space” in the middle of Oakland. It has little food kiosks, is home to one of my favorite restaurants The Porch, and has tables, chairs, and a big covered tent. It’s the perfect space to hang out when the sun comes out. It can get a little bit crowded when Pitt is in session, but once classes let out for the summer, it’s much calmer!

That’s why Schenley Plaza is my “happy place” in Oakland. I’ve spent almost every day there after work now that the weather has cooperated – I finally finished reading My Absolute Darling (dark, but amazing), and have moved on to Circe. I’m looking forward to spending many more days there this summer (and probably into the fall, for as long as possible…), so send any book recommendations you have my way!

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