Friday Favorites

This four day week really threw me – I could not keep straight what day it was! For the first time in my time working, I missed a meeting because I didn’t know what day it was.

But I have a fun weekend planned – I’m seeing Justin Timberlake tonight, and then checking out the Three Rivers Arts Festival over the weekend – one of my favorite things in the city each year.

I’ve got some great things to share with you that I’ve loved this week.

  • The #Hamildrop
    What would a Friday Favorites be without a Hamilton reference? I shared last month’s #Hamildrop here (and I have still been listening to it at near-obsessive levels), so of course I had to share this month’s! Totally different genre, but equally great. It reminds me of my time spent listening to the Freaky Friday soundtrack on repeat.
  • The importance of public health
    How could I not share this article from The New York Times about the importance of public health? The article does a great job explaining what public health is, what it’s done for the health of the public, and the issues with funding public health. We’ve talked about this in some of my classes – it’s difficult to get funding for programs whose benefits aren’t seen immediately, but will only be realized years in the future. Increasingly, we’re a society that wants things NOW (imagine that being said in Veruca Salt’s voice…) and public health often doesn’t operate on this schedule.
  • The woman who faked her life
    This deep-dive in New York Magazine is a fascinating read on Anna Delvey, a woman who fabricated her background and convinced many of New York City’s wealthy and elite that she was one of them. These kind of long con stories always intrigue me – I wonder if, at some point, she started to believe her own lies?
  • Mr. Rogers documentary
    I wouldn’t be a real Pittsburgher if I didn’t mention this article about the Mr. Rogers documentary that’s coming out. Mr. Rogers is a Pittsburgh icon – a local theme park has a section devoted to him, and his show was filmed right next to CMU’s campus in Oakland. Once, years ago, I met Mr. McFeeley after my sister and I were in the “Celebrate the Seasons” parade. This article does a great job explaining Mr. Rogers – his show, and his life.

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