My Carry-On Essentials

I’m back! I was on vacation last week in Orlando, and had every intention of blogging while I was there… clearly, that didn’t happen. Honestly, it was nice to take the time off and enjoy vacation, and there were also a few vacation mishaps (a common theme whenever I travel…) that made things a bit more hectic and left me with less “free” time. But that’s it’s own post for later this week!

I’m easing myself back into real life this week, and I thought I’d share some of my carry-on must-haves. I have written before about traveling while in a wheelchair, and the amount of medical equipment and bags and bins that we have to bring (see this post here). But today’s post isn’t about wheelchair necessities (some of which also come with me on the plane, so they don’t get lost), just my own personal favorite things to have with my on the plane.

My bag
I haven’t yet found my perfect carry-on bag… I like to bring some sort of tote, so that it’s easy to get things out of, and I love outside/inside pockets, because things can get lost so easily in a tote. This one is a few years old from Target, but this one is similar, and this one is a sleeker version!

My iPad Mini
I have had my iPad mini for years now, and I still love it just as much as I did when I got it. I love to read on planes, and reading on this is perfect because I have multiple books (or magazines, if that’s more your thing!) at my disposal. When I was little, I would bring 10 books with me on car trips… clearly, you can’t bring multiple physical books with you on a plane, so this is the perfect solution. Plus, it’s so much lighter, which is especially a plus for me, and you can also watch TV on it or listen to music.

My AirPods
I wrote a post specifically about my AirPods that you can check out here, but I’m happy to report that they also worked perfectly on the plane. I had a pair of wireless Beats headphones that I tried on a plane a few years ago, but they kept dropping the signal, and I kept having to reconnect every 10 minutes. They stayed connected the whole time, had more than enough charge, and I could happily listen to music while I read. And I love this silicone rubber case with the little strap attached to it – it makes me so much less nervous that I’m going to lose them.

A Travel Wrap
Dressing for a flight is rough, because the temperature of wherever you’re coming from might be wildly different than where you’re landing, and planes are usually freezing! So my solution is a lightweight, easy-to-pack wrap. I got mine a few years ago during one of Nordstrom’s Anniversary sales, and it was honestly one of my best-ever purchases. It’s a lightweight cashmere, so it’s warm and cozy but not too heavy, and it doesn’t wrinkle when I throw it into my carry-on. They don’t sell the exact one anymore, but this one is similar.

Laptop Case
I don’t usually use my laptop on a flight, but I like to have it in my carry-on rather than in my checked luggage. I found this laptop case recently on Amazon, and I think it’s genius. It has zipper pockets on the outside for your cables/chargers, so that all your cords are together in the same place. No more searching through your duffel/purse for a phone charger! I bought this one right before my trip and I couldn’t be happier.

Travel Pillow
I realize that most people probably use their pillow to sleep comfortably on the plane, but I actually have to use it to sit comfortably. Airplane seats aren’t the most comfortable for anyone to sit on, but they’re especially uncomfortable when you usually rely on your wheelchair to keep you stable and supported. After one particularly uncomfortable and difficult flight to Disney, my sister spotted these pillows in a gift shop in the Magic Kingdom. Certainly, any pillow this size/shape would work, but these have the added bonus of sentimentality to them, and they work perfectly to keep me (slightly) more comfortable during my flight.

What are your in-flight essentials? Let me know – I love adding to my travel list! 

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