Summer Getaways

I don’t know about you, but I love traveling in the summer. Going on trips is not always easy (see this post), but there’s nothing like going somewhere and just getting away. To me, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a long weekend in a different city or a week spent lounging somewhere – it’s just the act of getting away that I look forward to.

No matter where I go, there are certain things that I look for on all my vacations – the things that I get excited about.

  • New Restaurants
    One of my absolute favorite things to do on vacation is find amazing local restaurants. I’m a bit of a foodie, and I love trying out restaurants in different cities. I try to stay away from chains (as much as I do love Cheesecake Factory!) and see what else is out there. I usually use Yelp to find places, but if I know anyone who lives where I’m traveling, one of the first things I ask them is where I should eat. When I went to DC, one of my cousins suggested Zaytinya, and now I pass on that recommendation to every single person I know who is going to DC. There’s just something about a new restaurant find that makes me feel like I’m really enjoying myself!

  • Coffee Shops
    My dad’s side of the family has a thing about coffee – we’re all major caffeine addicts – and we always make sure to check out the coffee shops whenever we travel anywhere. Sometimes, this might be a Starbucks, but other times it’s a locally-owned shop. Not only does this help satisfy my caffeine cravings, but it also forces me to check out places I otherwise wouldn’t think to stop at.

  • Animals
    I don’t know if it’s clear yet how much I love animals, but I really really love animals. Not just my own, and not just pets – I love wild animals too. When my family traveled to LA a few years ago, I made sure that we also road tripped to San Diego so that I could see the (incredible!) zoo. The best parts of these trips have been when I’ve actually gotten to interact with the animals – two years ago, I got to visit the amazing McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary in Palm Beach and hold a kinkajou. Things like this really make the trips unforgettable!

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