Friday Favorites

The summer really seems to be flying by – I can’t believe that in a few very short weeks, I’ll be back to taking classes (in addition to working). I’m excited to get another semester closer to finishing my degree, but it’s going to be a rough adjustment after having the summer semester be class-free.

Interview on Disabilities Redefined
I can’t help but start this week’s list of favorites with some shameless self-promotion. I was interviewed for a YouTube podcast called “Disabilities Redefined,” right after I got home from the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant, and the episode went live earlier this week! I love the concept of the podcast – give my episode a listen, if you’re interested, and also check out the other amazing interviews.

Taylor Swift’s Concert Speech
Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of her music, you should listen to the speech Taylor Swift made during her show that fell on the one-year anniversary of her sexual assault trial. I think her speech hits on some powerful points about believing women, and it’s clear by her voice/demeanor that the subject is still raw. She hasn’t been doing any press for this tour, so I’m glad she took this opportunity to speak.
Lilly Singh’s Interview
This is a great interview on success – what it means, working towards it, and how you can push yourself towards success. I think she glosses over actual, clinical depression a bit (and I think she catches herself and tries to redirect), but I think it’s a good listen for anyone who is working to achieve something.

Oral History of Respect
In honor of Aretha Franklin, I wanted to share this article that Elle published back in 2016. It’s the story behind the song, and how Aretha took Otis Redding’s song and re-made it into the feminist anthem we know today. And of course, listen to her sing it, too – her voice is so powerful. 

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