Friday Favorites

I have an exciting weekend coming up – I’m excited to announce that tomorrow, I’m being named Whitehall Boro’s Person of the Year! If you live nearby, you can come see me at Whitehall Community Day around 10:30 AM at Snyder Park.

I can’t believe that I start fall classes again next week – I’m not ready for the summer to end yet! Luckily, I still have a few more exciting things coming up before winter and cold hit.

What have I been reading this week? Read on…

Olay’s new campaign
I love how diverse Olay’s new campaign is! It is really, really rare that I get to see someone with a disability included on a campaign done by any major company, so I was really excited to see Jillian Mercado’s name! You should check out the campaign, and also read more about Jillian and the cool things that she’s done.

American Horror Story returns
The first season of American Horror Story has always been my favorite – the storyline and the characters and twists hit just the right (weird) note. The new season of the show is supposed to tie in previous seasons, and Connie Britton is coming back. I’m excited to see what happens, and how they tie everything together!

Happy Birthday, Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly is a music theater legend, a Pitt graduate, and a Pittsburgh native. It would have been his birthday this week, and we love to recognize a Pittsburgh legend! Read more about his life in Pittsburgh, and his time on Broadway. 

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