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I’ve been trying to cut back on my shopping a bit, mostly because I did a lot of online shopping before my trip to Florida and the pageant. It’s good for my wallet, but it makes it a bit more difficult to share outfits and shopping finds here. So I thought instead of sharing anything specific that I’ve bought, I’d share one of my new favorite places to shop.

I have always been known to have “champagne tastes on a beer budget.” I have a talent for picking the most expensive thing without trying, whether I’m shopping or choosing a meal off of a menu. I just like nice things… but I definitely don’t have the budget to match my tastes, currently.

I’ve also been trying, little by little, to focus less on quantity of clothing and more on quality. I still love places like H&M and ASOS because they’re affordable and they make clothes that fit me, but I also know that the things I buy from those places aren’t necessarily going to last forever. And that’s fine! But I want to build a little more of a wardrobe that will last from season to season.

Enter TheRealReal. It’s an online consignment store – I mentioned it here because it’s actually where I got my evening gown for the pageant. It’s definitely more upscale – you can find a lot of designer pieces – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find things for everyday wear. This skirt, from my post about my Apple Watch, is from TheRealReal, and I love it, and I bought the skirt in the picture above there as well. The site makes it really easy to sort based on size and type of clothing, and they tell you the condition that each piece of clothing is in, which I’ve found to be really accurate.

Something else that I’ve been trying to be more aware of is the sustainability of fashion, in general. As someone with a disability, there are lots of sustainable practices that aren’t feasible for me (see this post about plastic straws, for example). But clothes are an area that I can try to think about more sustainably. That’s not to say that I’ll exclusively shopping consignment from now on, but I’m trying to be more open to it.

Since I can’t share the exact things I’ve bought from TheRealReal with you (that’s the downside of consignment!), I’ve pulled together some of my favorite finds in the widget below.

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