A Little Update

I know I haven’t exactly been following the posting schedule that I said I would, so I wanted to give a little bit of an explanation of what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Obviously, I don’t post about every single thing that I’m doing, or everything that’s going on in my life. Some of that is just because the day-to-day of my life isn’t always exciting, some of it is because I don’t feel comfortable sharing every single detail of my personal life on the Internet, and sometimes the timing just isn’t quite right. And right now, in my life, there’s a lot of the third going on.

There are a lot of really amazing potential opportunities going on behind-the-scenes right now, but they’re just not quite at a place where I have anything interesting to share. However… they’re all taking up my time and energy, and with work, and school starting back up – my extra time is just really limited. I love writing here and sharing with all of you, but it’s been a challenge to balance everything these last few weeks. I am absolutely not going to stop posting here… but I also can’t promise I’ll stick to a strict posting schedule.

You might think that this sounds obvious and easy, but it’s actually really hard for me not to commit and stick to a schedule when I say I’m going to. I really don’t like to flake, whether it’s on plans I’ve made with friends, or posting here. I really pride myself on being dependable, so it’s difficult for me to accept that sometimes, something has to give. And I know that I have to prioritize my health, which means getting enough sleep during the week. So I’m really trying to make sure I don’t skip an hour of sleep to stay up to write a post after the rest of my day is over.

So really, this post is just to say – I’m still here, I’m not going anywhere, but I am working on balance. And know that skipping a post or two now is going to give me more time to work on some really cool things that will lead to even better posts down the road. I hope that you’ll bear with me while I figure things out!

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