Fall Closet Colors

Last weekend, I did a huge closet clean-out. I didn’t quite go through the whole thing, but I made it through about 75% of it, and got rid of so many things that I hadn’t worn in years. It felt so good to have so much more room in my closet! I also organized everything by color and sleeve length, and move all of my summery things out so that I had room to actually see the things I could wear. It’s amazing… now I just have to make sure I keep up with it, which is always the hardest part.

When I do a closet clean-out like this, it always ends up with me actually buying more clothes! I realize “holes” that exist in my closet (for example… there are a lot of black tops, but a lot less color than I’d like), and I find things that fill in those holes. Or…. sometimes… I just find things I really like and now have room to actually fit them in my closet. Either way, it means that I’ve been doing some online shopping lately.

I’ve been looking for things that are professional, but casually so – not preppy or too buttoned up and stiff. Enter Madewell. I was browsing Nordstrom and found a top I really liked, but not in my size. When I saw it was from Madewell, I decided to check their site directly, and was instantly obsessed. It’s a J.Crew sister brand, but definitely more relaxed styles than J.Crew.

I love all the jewel-tone colors, and especially love this purpley/maroon wrap top. It’s the perfect mix of professional and casual that I was looking for, and I love that the wrap part of the top has a little hook-and-eye to keep it securely closed. I feel like the color is so perfect for fall – I tried to get it with the amazing colors of the leaves changing, but the weather wasn’t totally cooperating! I am always into peplum hems, because they give me more room around my feeding tube, and this one hits just right. It’s one of my new favorite tops, and I have a few other new Madewell favorites, too – check them out in the widget below.

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