Friday Favorites

It’s really starting to feel like winter… and I can’t say I’m ready for it. We had our first real snow today (plus some sleet/freezing rain), and I was not a happy camper. Plus, there are holiday decorations going up all over! I’m just not ready for any of this. I already can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week – I seriously do not know how that happened.

Hopefully, this week’s favorites are a nice break from thinking about dropping temperatures.

The Watcher
I love long-form journalism, where the writer really has time to dive into a subject and write a really in-depth story. This one is no exception, about a family who bought a house only to receive some really menacing notes. It’s a fascinating read – I cannot imagine what I would do if this happened to me.

Broadway stars sing Taylor Swift
I love this song from Reputation, and apparently, so do these two Broadway stars. This cover is SO powerful and beautiful, and a bit haunting. Highly recommend.

About Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol is an icon in general, but he’s also a Pittsburgh-er, so we really love him around here. The Warhol Museum is one of my favorites in the city – there’s a room with silver “cloud” balloons that you can actually touch and it’s really cool. This article is a little look into his life and him as a person, as told by people who knew him.

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