Giving Tuesday

A lot of days this week are about shopping and buying (Black Friday, Cyber Monday), but today is about giving. Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to giving what you can, to celebrate that spirit of the holiday season, rather than the receiving.

If you can, giving money to the non-profit of your choice can go far towards helping them fulfill their mission. If you can’t, commit to volunteering your time, or help share the causes on social media.

I wanted to share four causes that are important to me – please consider donating to one of these, or to one of your own favorite causes. Don’t forget to check if your company will match donations!

Cure SMA
Of course, the first on my list will always be Cure SMA. They’re dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by SMA, and have funded the seed grants for a lot of promising research for SMA treatments and cures. They actually funded the seed grant for what became the first-ever FDA-approved treatment. Obviously, this is a very personal cause for me, and one that I’m more than happy to support

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
I’m on the New Leadership Council of the PSO, which works to get a new, younger audience interested in the symphony and classical music. I think that supporting the arts is SO important. For as analytical as I am, I definitely value the intelligence and creativity that goes into creating music of all kinds. It’s harder and harder for the arts to get the public support that they need, which makes me really sad – they’re always something worth supporting.

The Dane Foundation
The Dane Foundation is the organization behind Ms. Wheelchair USA. They focus on providing quality of life items – paper products, toiletries, linens, etc. – that often aren’t covered by insurance and other organizations. The holidays are a really busy time for them, as they also provide gifts for families affected by disabilities who would otherwise not be able to afford presents.

Community Living and Support Services (CLASS)
CLASS is a local disability and advocacy organization where I serve on the Board of Directors. They’re a Pittsburgh institution of sorts – Mr. Rogers would consult with them when talking about disability-related issues on his show! They do really great work, and it’s important for me to be connected to the disability community here in Pittsburgh. 

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