Friday Favorites

This week has been a long one for me. I’m getting over some sort of cold, so I can’t stop sniffling, and have had to carry Kleenex with my everywhere I go. This always happens to me – when things finally start to slow down and relax just a little bit, my body decides that it’s had enough and can’t take it anymore. But I’d rather have this than a cold WHILE everything else is going on, so I guess I’ll take it.

In very exciting news, though, one of my best friends had her baby, and I got to meet him!

On to this week’s favorites…

The Eat’n’Park Christmas Tree Commercial
Back before TV was mostly watched on Netflix/Hulu, I watched a lot more commercials, and the Eat’n”Park Christmas Tree commercial is the most iconic. I love reading about the story behind the commercial, and if you haven’t ever seen this, you should definitely watch.

DJ Earworm 2018
I will be honest – I do not know most of these songs! But it’s fun to listen to a mash-up of the year’s most popular. I have been listening to Thank U, Next, so I did recognize that at least!

 Pittsburgh is on the cool list
Lots of love for the Burgh this week! I love whenever Pittsburgh makes the news for a good reason, and this one is definitely good. Pittsburgh was the only US city to make National Geographic‘s “global cool list!”

GFY Gift Guide
I posted a tech gift guide earlier this week (here), but each year one of my favorite blogs Go Fug Yourself does a really comprehensive gift guide. I love their picks, so if you’re in need of some inspiration, check it out.

Hamilton duet
I know, I know – another Hamilton song?! This is from the Mixtape, and it’s a song from the musical sung by Regina Spektor and Ben Folds. It is gorgeous, and it will definitely put you into a good mood on a Friday and start your weekend off on the right note. 

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