Friday Favorites

This week was both a stressful and an exciting one for me – stressful because my final was this week, and also exciting because my final was this week and now it’s over! It’ll be nice to have a few weeks of break from classes before they start up again in January.

I’m celebrating the end of the semester by going to see the Broadway Princess Party tonight! I have been looking forward to this for WEEKS and am so happy it’s finally here – I’ll be getting to see original Disney and Broadway royalty perform! I have actually watched YouTube videos of their New York performances, and still can’t believe they’re coming here and I’m going to see them live.

My favorites from this week:

ONE – Billy on the Street
I love Billy on the Street – it’s really funny to see how people react when they’re approached (semi-aggressively!) out of nowhere. And of course, Billy on the Street with Lin-Manuel Miranda is a wonderful intersection of my interests! Sometimes I can’t believe there are people that exist who haven’t heard of Hamilton, but this is proof that there are.

TWO – Disability Holiday Gift Guide
Another great gift guide for any holiday shopping you have left! The gifts are not all disability-related (though some are), but they are all sold by people with disabilities. If you’re someone who likes to support small businesses, these are great places to look.

THREE – Thank U, Next Video
I know this came out last week, but I can’t stop watching/listening. The video is an homage to so many of my favorite romantic comedies – Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, 13 Going On 30, and Bring It On. It’s so fun to watch and catch all of the different movie references, and the song is super catchy, too.

FOUR – Buzzfeed’s Best Fiction of 2018
I’m really looking forward to spending some serious time reading during my “break.” Buzzfeed published a list of what they believe to be the best fiction of 2018, which seems like a great place for me to start when I’m looking for my next book. I’ve actually only read one on the list so far (Circe, which I loved), so I have lots to choose from.

I had the best time seeing Taylor Swift in concert over the summer, and I can’t wait to relive it by watching the video of her stadium tour. The trailer looks amazing, and the actual video will be released at midnight on the morning of New Year’s Eve, so it’ll be the perfect way to close out 2018.

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