Friday Favorites

It’s been a blur of a week for me, and I’m really looking forward to the weekend (I know, I say that all the time). January and February are really rough here in Pittsburgh, and for me especially! All the cold weather and snow makes it so hard for me to get around outside, and I start feeling really cooped up and stuck. At least I have this little pup to keep me company, though!

This week’s favorites – 

ONE – Late Night Coffee
It is no secret that I am a caffeine addict. When I’m in New York or DC, I can grab a Starbucks from basically every single corner until very very late at night, but that’s not the case here in Pittsburgh. I appreciated this look into where I can get coffee late at night in the city!

TWO – Jessica Vosk on Broadway
Jessica Vosk is currently playing Elphaba in “Wicked” on Broadway, but before she got back into theater, she was working in Investor Relations on Wall Street. This article is a great look at her life and how she got to where she is now.

THREE – Chemical Exfoliants
If you exfoliate your face (which you should!!!), you know that there are two different kinds – chemical and physical. Physical ones are scrubs – they have actual physical beads or granules or something that basically rubs off your skin. I prefer chemical, though – they can really get into your skin, and don’t irritate it the way that physical ones can. I use this one every day, and have started adding this one to my nightly routine, too. 

FOUR – The Princess Diaries
Honestly, this one was just a fun walk down memory lane. I have seen The Princess Diaries so many times, and this is such a tiny detail in the movie, but really cool to see how it related so strongly to the writer’s life.

Five – EduHam in Pittsburgh
EduHam is one of my favorite things that “Hamilton” puts on, and probably one of the lesser-known things about the show. All of the casts – both the standing ones in New York in Chicago, plus the touring casts – have special shows for local high school students. Not only do they get to see a special performance of the show, but they also have a Q and A/talkback-type session. It’s such a special thing for the students.

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