Pat McGrath Labs Lip Gloss Lust

I have a bit of an addiction to buying lip glosses and lipsticks…. most of which do not actually get a lot of wear. Growing up, every beauty magazine that I ever read told me that a dash of mascara and a coat of lipstick would make me feel more polished and put together.

In reality, I love how the lipstick looks for the first 20 minutes after I put it on, but then it starts to wear off, or my lips start to feel dry, and I don’t remember to reapply it as often as I should. Lip glosses are a lot less high maintenance, and so they’re what I tend to reach for first. For a big night out, I’ll reach for a lipstick with a bit more punch, but for daily wear, I definitely go for the gloss.

When I’m wearing a lip gloss, I don’t want anything crazy – I’m looking for a little bit of color and shine, but nothing too dark or pigmented. I recently discovered these Pat McGrath lip glosses from Sephora, and I’m hooked. There’s a great color selection, and they feel really nice when you’re wearing them – they’re not too sticky. I also really love the packaging they come in – the gold sequins are so fun! But be careful when you’re opening them or else you’ll end up with little sequins everywhere.

You can get a full-size one (here), or a limited edition trio of mini ones (here). I have the “skin show-warm” mini trio and the colors are great. When I want something a little bit brighter, but still not too shocking, I go for “Twilo.” And if you are a lipstick person, I’ve actually tried out this mini matte lipstick trio (here), and they’re surprisingly non-drying for matte lipsticks!

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