Wrap Dress for Winter

I get into such a rut getting dressed in the winter. I generally wear some version of a sweater with jeans/leggings/leather leggings over and over and over. I’m lucky that my work doesn’t really have any sort of dress code – jeans are completely fine. Especially since it’s been so incredibly cold here lately, I just want to be warm and comfortable.

I had a baby shower to go to this weekend, though, and wanted to step it up a notch. Sometimes it feels nice to have a reason to look a little bit more polished, and it gives me an excuse to try to step out of my rut a little bit. Whenever I’m feeling like I have nothing to wear (this happens a lot) for something like this, I go for one of my favorite standbys – a wrap dress.

They’re my go-to for a couple of reasons. The first is fit: They’re the most comfortable to wear with my feeding tube, and they don’t have any awkward seams that hit me in weird places. It’s actually been surprising to me how many dress styles don’t work with my feeding tube! But other than my own personal dressing complications, I also think that wrap dresses just work for so many different kinds of occasions. They dress up or down really well, and they are such a classic – they never go out of style. I like knowing that my wrap dresses can do double duty – I can wear them to work or to something like a bridal shower.

The dress I’m wearing is a few years old from Banana Republic – I actually love it so much that I have the same style in three different colors/patterns (when I find something I love, I stick with it!). But I pulled together some other great wrap dresses below.

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