Spring Dressing

I had a bridal shower to go to this weekend, and I always struggle on what to wear in this kind of weather. It was going to be a little bit warmer, but the temperature was starting off chillier before it warmed up. Not only does that transition make it hard, but I’m also just so tired of my winter clothes.

But I’ve learned that in situations like this, layers are key, and maxi dresses are always a good idea. There was a time – for a year or two! – that I totally refused to wear maxis. I thought that looked too young, and that I would look like a little kid playing dress up. Now, I basically live in maxis in the spring and fall! I definitely am careful about the kinds that I buy, though – nothing with a pattern that might look too young. I picked up this royal blue maxi recently from Nordstrom and I already know I’ll be wearing it a lot this year! (Also, it’s on sale until March 2 – I highly recommend!)

And since layering is key when the weather is so all over the place, I couldn’t pass up the chance to wear this suede jacket again. I wasn’t kidding when I said that I was obsessed with this – I now own it in three colors and have no regrets. It is the perfect layering piece, and it really goes with anything. I feel like it makes my outfits look a little more polished and sophisticated than they would otherwise. It turns a simple maxi dress into a real outfit, you know?

I know you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about this jacket, but I don’t buy new things weekly (and I don’t think that most of you do, either). So when I buy something I love, I do try to wear it in different ways so that it becomes a real staple of my wardrobe.

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