Friday Favorites

This week has been a bit of a blur… nothing crazy going on, just the usual work/school/etc. The end of the semester is coming up soon, which makes things a bit more stressful! I really have to plan ahead and make sure I’m using my time wisely so that I leave enough time to work on papers and group projects. Which is exactly why after a fun dinner tonight to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I’m quarantining myself to get some serious work done.

Read on for this Friday’s favorites!

ONE – Theranos Drama
Have you been following all of the stories and scandals about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos? I had read the stories when they were in the news, but I decided to watch the HBO documetary and was really sucked in. I’m listening to the ABC podcast The Dropout now – loved both. I can’t want to read the book next!

TWO – Your Eyes from Rent
How incredible is this performance?? Her voice is so strong and powerful – I wanted to watch this a million times.
THREE – My Interview with teli
I did an interview with the early learning institute (teli) – they were the organization that my parents worked with for me to receive my very first “intervention” services right after I was diagnosed! I was too young to remember, obviously, but it was fun to talk to them and to hear how things have changed. 

FOUR – Casting for To All the Boys Sequel
As if I wasn’t already excited for the sequel for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, now I’m looking forward to it even more! Jordan Fisher was (in my mind) the breakout star from Grease Live, and he’s been making big moves since. So excited to see him in this!

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