Friday Favorites

I seriously cannot believe it’s already May! As busy and stressful as it was for me, April completely flew by. This weekend is the Pittsburgh Marathon, which is always fun (and tiring, even as a spectator)! I’m looking forward to cheering on my mom and friend as they run the half marathon.

It also seems like the nice weather is finally here to stay! I’m loving it and so happy to see color in the world again.

I feel like I had a mental list of SO many things that I wanted to share this week… and I’ve forgotten most of them. I do have some fun things to share, though!

ONE – Measles in Pittsburgh
This is so frustrating because it’s so preventable with vaccines! Measles are serious and scary, especially for people with compromised immune systems or babies that are too young to be vaccinated. The count in Pittsburgh is up to 5 confirmed cases, and there’s still a long while to go before the window for symptoms to appear has officially closed. Please, just get your vaccines – it really is so important! Your decisions don’t only affect you.

TWO – ME! by Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards
This song is so poppy and fun and has been stuck in my head/on replay in my headphones for a week now. I loved the performance of the song at the Billboard Music Awards – the production was so over the top in the absolute best way – and it made me so excited for her (yet to be announced) new tour!

THREE – MK and A on Hulu
My sister and I, plus our friends, were OBSESSED with the Mary Kate and Ashley Olson movies when we were younger. We had a specific piece of dialogue from “Winning London” memorized, and would randomly quote it. I cannot wait to watch all of these movies on Hulu (even though “Winning London” isn’t actually included)!! I will definitely be marathoning them all.

FOUR – Instagram Changes Coming?
It looks like Instagram is planning to test some potential changes, including hiding the number of likes on photos, in an attempt to take away some of the obsession and competition surrounding number of likes. It would still allow you to see who liked your own picture, but you wouldn’t have that information for other people’s pictures. Personally, I’m totally fine with this – what do you think?

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