Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

 I had an unexpected ER visit last week (why does everything happen to me outside of Monday-Friday, 9-5?). While I’m feeling much better now, it left me pretty drained. I decided to take the week off from blogging to really focus on recuperating and making sure I was getting plenty of rest. Sometimes when you start to feel better (especially if it’s something that came on quickly in the first place!), you don’t realize that your body isn’t quite caught up yet, and needs some more time to heal. I wanted to make sure I gave myself that time. I also had a trip to Easton this past weekend for a friend’s bridal shower, so I knew I needed to be well-rested and recovered for that.

On that note, back to the regular posting… (There’s no way to smoothly transition around an ER trip, I’m realizing!)

There’s nothing like finding the perfect sundress for summer. Something light and flowy, that still looks cute but isn’t too hot. It feels so much more effortless to wear, and yet it still looks put-together.

I’ve basically been on a quest to find this perfect dress, and this one from Madewell is a definite contender. It’s not super fitted, so it’s perfect when you need something quick to throw on. The material is a little more “dressed-up” than a plain cotton dress, but it still feels light and just easy! I love the bright color – I’ve been trying to stay away from buying black sundresses, both because I own more than enough and because it gets so hot wearing black in summer sun. This red-orange is so bright and fun.

My work is pretty casual, so this has become one of my new go-to work outfits, but if you have to dress a bit more formally, this is a great weekend dress, too. It really is the perfect “easy, breezy, beautiful” summer dress.

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    That is a great color for summer! I hope you're feeling better.

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